Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and Indian Lake

Hi everyone -

Well we had a fun weekend, we headed up to Indian Lake to stay with Great Aunt Sherri and family! Carter had a blast, he loves the water and enjoyed hanging out with Cass, Sherri and Rick. We hung out on the boat on both Saturday and Sunday. See pics below.

Today is Seth's first Father's Day, he is such a great dad to Carter! Carter picked out a wheelbarrow and a charcoal grill for his dad...Seth loved the gifts!

Thanks to Uncle Greg and Aunt Kara for watching Hoosier for the weekend, he was a good boy for them...but of course when we get home and I open the door to the car, he bolts out and decided to go on a 30 minute run throughout the neighborhood! grrrrr!

Hope everyone is having as great of a summer as we are!

Daddy and Carter doing some swimming...

Carter and his life jacket...he is smling, but he is not a big fan.

Cassie and Carter floating...don't spill your drink on me Cass...
This is one of my favorites of Seth and Carter!

Grandpa and Carter looking out at the lake...
Me and Carter and Gramps relaxing on the boat.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Carter and the lake...

Carter has been to our lake cottage on Crooked Lake two times now, he really loves the lake and he seems well adjusted up there...thank goodness, it would have made for a long summer if he didn't enjoy being up there. We had his 9 month appointment last week, he is doing great. He weighs 18lbs, he has pretty much been in the 70 or 75th percentile for weight and height, but he is now in the 25th percentile for weight...which is crazy, this kid eats all the time! I guess it's because he is becoming more active. He is pulling himself up on things and he is officially crawling the correct way, he started doing that over Memorial Day weekend. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.