Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting caught up...

I have been such a bad blogger these days...let's see what I can get everyone caught up on. First off, I had a fabulous first Mother's Day...actually a great Mother's Day weekend, we took our mom's to the Cork and Cleaver for dinner on Saturday night for a yummy meal. And then on Sunday Carter and Seth made me breakfast in bed and they also gave me my gift. Carter helped Seth pick out a beautiful was perfect. And then later that afternoon we went to Seth's aunt's house for a dinner with all the Middleton mom's and family.

Carter is such a litte ham, he is growing up so fast. He now has two teeth and he is officially pulling himself up. He loves standing up in his crib now, every morning when we go up to get him he's standing up with a big grin on his face and usually a couple of red spots on his head b/c he fell over while trying to get up...he doesn't cry though, he's a tough little guy.

We have started introducing him to solid foods. He tried some scrambled eggs for his first real people meal, he was okay with them...he mostly wore the eggs. He has had pancakes, bread, bananas and crackers...we haven't really come across anything that he doesn't like.

Below are a bunch of pictures that we have taken since the last post...enjoy!